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This is the Thinglink documentation wiki. Part of this wiki is automatically translated into user-visible documentation, but most of these pages are not. However, please note that this wiki is not protected from the outside world. Editing is only possible if you have an account, and accounts are currently restricted for Thinglink staff.

Thinglink documentation#

How to create a new page#

First, figure out where the page would logically fit in our documentation structure. For example, you might want to add a new page of Rich Media Tags called "social media". So open that page; and add to the bottom something like this:

* [Social Media]

This creates a bulleted item and links to a page called "Social Media". However, since that page does not yet exist, once you save, the link will appear as red and underlined. Click on it, and you'll be taken straight to the editor.

The reason why this is done this way (instead of having a "create a new page" -functionality) is that this ensures that you don't create "orphan" pages which would not be reachable from anywhere, and therefore would not be indexed.

Since only some of the pages are visible on, you could also just create a scratch page (like ~JannesPagesIamWorkingOnRightNow or something like that) and link from there.

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