Rich Media Tags for HTML5#

You can embed several types of rich media tags to your images. Interacting with the following services is now possible from within a single image. Using the ThingLink Rich Media Tags is as simple as copying the URL into the Link field of the Thinglink tag editor.

Create your own tag with OpenGraph#

The link you embed into the image will be checked for Open Graph tags. The simplest way to create your own Rich Media Tag for your site is to ensure that you have the Open Graph metadata set up for your site. Technically, we will look only at the og:title and the og:image properties of your site for now.

Rich media tags for Flash#

On Facebook timeline and some other web properties we use our Flash player. Unfortunately the Flash player does not support as many tags as the HTML5 player, which is why you should always use the HTML5 player whenever possible.

Currently the Flash player supports Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Itunes, Wikipedia, Thinglink image, Thinglink video and most image tags. Others will default to the Opengraph data fetched from the site.

(Note that Facebook tabs use the HTML5 player, not the Flash player.)

For the latest examples of Rich Image Tags usage, see our blog at

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